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It is quite normal and reasonable to expect an increase in stress levels during new experiences, but if you identify or relate to some of the following statements then counselling could prove very helpful to you.


Our speciality is counselling for trauma response to pregnancy and birth related issues. 

It is possible that you are entitled to free counselling with your birth hospital service. Please check with a midwife or your hospital reception for referral pathway. Your GP may also be able to place you on a waiting list for therapy and there are a number of private counsellors and psychotherapists who work in this area

However we offer a very particular pathway and are happy to take your enquiry.

We offer 4 elements of care in 4 sessions. Collectively these create a cohesive approach and still maintain flexibility to work with your personal story and particular needs. Depending on your presenting symptoms, elements within sessions will vary

There is a set cost for four sessions in which we attempt to cover as much of your care as possible. Further care is agreed between yourself and your therapist, but for the majority of clients it is reasonable to expect that four to six sessions will be sufficient.

If you would like to book therapy with one of our team please follow this link.   

Seek immediate assistance if any of the following occur:

Suicidal thoughts or thoughts of self-harm, persistent dark thoughts, very high levels of anxiety require an immediate consultation with your Midwife, Health Visitor or GP. If you are in this situation particularly following birth please seek help as soon as possible and if required make use of National help lines. Your community midwife, or health visitor should be made aware. Please don’t delay. In this situation you will benefit from seeking help as soon as possible.

Life –Line: 0808 808 8000

Samaritans: Check local numbers online

                   116123  free call

Leaving a message on our business line or an email will not necessarily be answered for a few days and so is not appropriate for this situation.  We will be happy to see you to help you stabilise these symptoms but that will also depend on availability. We would also want to know that your GP is aware of how you are feeling.

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